It’s a balancing act. 


Hi y’all! I’m Marybeth, a twenty-something NYC-dweller with a passion for peanut butter, sweet potatoes, fitness, dark chocolate, family, and travel.

Living in a big city is definitely crazy and expensive, but I’ve learned that it’s definitely possible to eat healthy on a budget.  I strive towards balance every day — which includes morning workouts and meal prepped lunches, but also includes margaritas & guac and bottomless brunches.

I focus on eating meals made with real, wholesome ingredients and I share simple, inexpensive, delicious recipes! I’m passionate about encouraging people to build a healthy relationship with food, take care of their bodies, and feel confident in their skin.

So if you’re looking for healthy meals, craving something delicious and are ballin’ on a budget, you’re in the right place!

Let’s eat 🙂