Monthly Must Haves #1

Hey y’all and happy APRIL! I know I’ve mentioned this before, but spring is literally my favorite season. After my first New York City winter, I cannot be more excited for the warm weather. I’m genuinely a happier person in the sun.

With it being the beginning of the month, I thought I would start a new blog series called “Monthly Must Haves,” where I’ll give a list of a few things that I’m obsessing over this month (food related and non-food related goodies!)Monthly Must Haves

Rebbl Drinks: After drinking at least one cup of coffee a day in college, I decided my body needed a serious break. Not only did coffee make me extremely jittery, but I was the type of girl that needed copious amounts of cream and sugar in her coffee to make it taste good (I’m talking two Starbuck’s chai lattes a day…not kidding). So, in October, I decided to make the adjustment to tea. But, like any addiction, old cravings come up. And let’s be real, while a cup of green tea may make you feel good, it just simply didn’t satisfy me in the way that a good ol’ cup of cold brew does. Thanks to Rebbl, I’ve been able to kick the cold brew cravings to the curb in a healthy way – and one that doesn’t leave me crashing due to high volumes of added sugars, weird ingredients, and absurd caffeine levels.


My favorite Rebbl product lately has been the Reishi Cold-Brew – a “super herb powered coconut milk elixir.” With a list of minimal, real, super-herb ingredients, I can indulge in a cold brew while improving my health. Rebbl also has lots of decaffeinated drinks – I highly recommend the golden turmeric milk too! 

Cocokind Skincare MYMATCHA All-Over Moisture Stick: My first New York City winter was not kind to my skin. At. all. I’m talking painfully dry. I also have a history of bad eczema, so I’m always on the lookout for natural moisturizers that won’t cause an eczema flare up.


The MYMATCHA All-Over Moisture Stick may have saved my life this winter. I tend to get eczema flare ups on my eyelids (I know, gross, but just being real), and putting this moisturizer on the flare ups actually helped to rejuvenate my dry spots overnight. It also functions as a dark circle corrector, lip balm, and facial highlighter…basically IT DOES IT ALL. With just three ingredients (coconut oil, beeswax, and matcha tea powder), my sensitive skin has never been more grateful for one little stick. 

Energy Balls: I’ll dive more into my Class Pass obsession in a little, but early morning workouts have been my JAM lately. I’m sure I’ll get burnt out eventually, but right now, I’m loving rolling out of bed and getting in a sweat sesh before work. But, I always wake up starving and not ready for a full meal at 7am. Here’s where energy balls come into play. I’ve been experimenting with a few of my own recipes, but I think Blair (@balancewithb) NAILED it with her Cinnamon Peanut Butter Protein Bites. 


I love popping one or two of these before a workout just to give me a little boost before diving into a spin or a barre class. They’re chockfull of a perfect combination of carbs, protein, and healthy fats – and they taste pretty darn good, too. 

Wedderspoon Manuka Honey on the GoWhen I cut coffee out of my daily routine, I also made the commitment to cut artificial sweeteners out, too. Having a Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbuck’s every day meant I was indulging in copious amounts of chemicals from the aspartame. I didn’t even realize that this was making me feel bloated and sluggish until I decided to cut it out completely and, yes, I replaced those zero-calorie sweeteners with real, natural sweeteners, such as HONEY!


Wedderspoon makes these adorable individual honey packs that are perfect to keep at my work desk to put in a cup of tea or add to plain yogurt for a natural sweetener. They’re cute and easy as can BEE. 

ClassPass: After the holidays, I was in a workout rut. I have a gym in my apartment complex, which is rare and amazing for New York City, but I was getting bored and feeling unmotivated on the treadmill every single day. My coworker introduced me to ClassPass, and I don’t think I’ll ever turn back.


You choose between a BASE or a CORE packet, with the base offering 5 classes per cycle for $75/month, and the core offering 10 classes per cycle for $135/month. I’ve definitely had to make some extra room in my budget, but it’s been so worth. I’ve been loving experimenting with such different classes, from rowing to hot yoga to cycling, while pushing my body and mental stamina (and having fun!)

Sweaty Betty Gym Bag: With this ClassPass obsession came the need for a gym bag. I knew I would be going to the majority of my classes before work, so I wanted a bag that I could stuff a lot of things into – makeup bag, hair products, clothes, yada yada yada. I found this bag and I am obsessed! It has a separate compartment for wet clothes and shoes, and additional straps on the bottom for a yoga mat. 


There are so many thing’s I’ve been loving lately, but that’s just a quick snapshot of things that I’ve been using to lead a healthy and balanced life. Let me know what you’ve been loving lately too in the comments below 🙂 

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