Diving right in

First of all, HI! I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. “This” as in writing my first blog post, well, ever.

So, forgive me, but I have no idea where to begin other than to just start writing! (Advice from my lovely friend from The Real Life RD – I’m doing it Robyn, I’m finally doing it!!)

I’ll start out by saying thank you to those who already know me as “mb with a side of pb” from our weird, loving, adorable, supportive little community of Instagram health nuts. After starting my “foodstagram” in July, I couldn’t be MORE excited and grateful to have met so many inspirational people with my same interests. People who share my same passion for health and nutrition and embracing the real food lifestyle. People who understand the importance of counting memories over calories, who understand that nourishing your body with real foods is 1000x healthier than any type of restrictive diet. People who have stepped away from the scale and that meaningless number and towards a healthier mindset of self-love. People who embrace the importance of self-care, even if that sometimes means a 9pm bedtime on a Friday night (shout out to my fellow grannies…) Aaaaand of course, my ladies who share my love for peanut butter, duh.

You know who you all are, and THANK YOU.

And for those of you who aren’t familiar with me and my weird obsession with peanut butter and avocados, hello 🙂 I won’t delve into an introduction (you’ll find that in the About section of this somewhat wonky site – it’s definitely still a work in progress), but thank you so much for visiting my page! Over the past few years, I’ve developed such a strong passion for nutrition and balance, especially since moving to New York City, where things tend to be anything but consistent. I’m so excited to share how I achieve this peace and harmony (without breaking the bank) with such a hectic lifestyle.

Over the next few weeks, this website is definitely under a lot of construction, but I thought I’d dive right on in! My first question for you guys: What type of posts are you all interested in reading? My focus will mainly be on nutrition and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a busy life, but I also want to share what you all are interested in reading about! I’m open to any and all suggestions 🙂

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for much, much more!



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